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Sunday, January 13, 2019


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#Security for your Debit and Credit Cards!

I haven't posted in a while and considering the state of the world, this post is very much needed. The following post is from a lady who I know and love dearly, who was a victim of fraud. This is just the beginning. If you haven't noticed, banking has changed dramatically in just the past several months... computer system shut downs, upgrades, financial institutions' websites are being "maintenance"  just a little too often, here lately. And the "chips" in the cards are just a preamble to the "implants" that will be "offered" as a means to "secure" your money... (that's a joke)... After you read her post, I will offer you the REAL SOLUTION to SECURING your MONEY! Something the WEALTHY has been doing since the beginning of time. 

As you read her story, PLEASE #WATCH, not over your shoulder as to whom is seeking to "steel" your money; however, the REAL THEVES of your financial institutions, setting you up to be "trapped in the Matrix" of a New World Order "DIGITAL" financial system that is designed to enslave you and your finances...

Glenette Lewis Eaddy's STORY...
2 hrs
This is a long post, but worth reading!
I contemplated on whether or not I should post this, but decided that I could help prevent this from happening to others. On two occasions over the past two weeks, I attempted to use my debit card and got an error message that my pin was incorrect. Rather than hold up the line trying to figure out if I had forgotten it, I just paid cash. When it happened Saturday, I said I was going to the bank on Monday. Today I pulled up my account and lo' and behold, there were 7 transactions made in Norcross, GA over the weekend. My debit card was cloned and used for fraudulent transactions.
The first indication was that my pin didn't work. I researched online, and people committing this type of fraud don't use your card right off. My card was actually cloned about two weeks ago, but used for multiple transactions on Saturday.
This was at one of the credit unions and this card did not have the security chip. Please be careful when using debit cards without the security chip.
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Kimberly Gardner Thank you for the info
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Janice Cooper Thanks for sharing
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Gena James-Hardy Omg, sorry that happened to you and thanks for the information.
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Aj Williams This happened to me about a year ago. The bank called me to tell me to go to ATM and get cash out because they were shutting down my card before they shut downed my card. Then they sent new card with Chip. Be careful on where you use a card without a chip. Thieves clone cards in retail stores etc.
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Maurice Bailey Thanks a million
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Celia Gainey Thanks and sorry this happened to you.
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Bridgette Segars Thanks for sharing ..
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Lagretta Brailey Thanks for the information. Sorry this happened to you.
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Miriam Green Lewis Thanks for sharing
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Attyya Guiles Someone hacked into one of my accounts this past weekend. I totally understand. These are dangerous times.
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Jada Latrelle Granger People are puttin card readers inside of the atm and getting all of your information somehow.
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Brenda Murphy Kight That happened to us back in May...used it local at 3 different stores totaled $850 thank God the bank put my money back in right away it was a nightmare. Need to be careful and check your account 2-3 times a day
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Sharon Jones-Miles This happened to my hubby account two weeks ago, they was shopping in Greenville and charge $579. It was from our credit union account also. They returned our money within a week. I so dislike thieves.
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Ann Brooklyn NY Lewis This is happening to a lot of people. It happen to one of my co-workers. And by the time she caught it her bank account was wiped out. This is so sad for hard working honest people to go through but what can we say but pray in these last and evil days. Sorry this happened to you.🙏🏽
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Tarsha Carter-Martin Happened to me last summer. I understand.
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LaFayett Graham Thanks for the heads up.
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Barbara Lorraine Cherry Yet another victim...this is ridiculous!
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Annisha Timmons Wow! That's horrible! That's for the heads up! That's close to home.
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Sylvia Davis Thanks
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Angela G Johnson THANKS so much for sharing.
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Susan Stephens Holladay This has happened to us two times. One time they were using the card at Walmart right here in Florence, SC.
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Charissa Myers Yes....My bank are issuing all new cards with chips.
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Shirley Wilson Thank you.
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Janice Little Thanks for sharing!
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Pat Jefferson Thanks for sharing Glenette. My niece just started working a month ago and already her card has been sabatoged.
Be careful when using your cards in restaurants where it is out of your sight. Everybody has a card reader now a days. It is so easy for your server to swipe and get your information on their private reader for later use.

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Roney Smith Thanks for sharing this!
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Verletta McCutchen Smh sorry you had to go through this cuz. I despise thieves 😡❤️
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Kimberlyn Segars Jackson Thanks for sharing
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Michelle Mc Thanks
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Tifani McMillian Merritt Wow! Thanks for sharing this!
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Rhonda Gayle TurnerGarner Hate that this happened to you Glenette Lewis Eaddy... We all are prey unless we "pray & obey" ... #WatchAsWellAs ... Keep your eye on FINANCIAL news, for it tells the signs... We not only have the "spirit" of Joseph, we have the Knowledge... #ItsTIME
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Levern Thompson Thank you.
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Wanda Weaver Davis Glenette this happen to my coworker.. She went to use her debit card today...it declined... She went to get cash at the ATM.. Wasn't able to get cash... She was frustrated by this time because she knew she had money in the bank.. She went to her bank ...Visa had put an hold her debit same as somebody had gotten debit and try to make purchases.. Luckily they where unable to use it.. Be Aware everyone!
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Now notice the post just above where Wanda Weaver Davis, shares what happened to her co-worker. Do you "SEE" it? Do you see how "they" had to put a "hold" on "her" money? This is the TRAP; therefore, as in Revelation 3:18 states:  LIFE the Lord, Jesus, the Profit, or whoever you may call HIM, He gives his advise as to HOW to SECURE your FINANCES in TIMES like THESE:
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