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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Greetings to all...

It's here!!! My book is NOW PUBLISHED and if you want to make some EXTRA CASH, then these to books will help you do just that! I AM also working on two other Inspirational Self-Help books that will help you become Empowered, Motivated and Engaged in LIFE to become the BEST YOU that you are created to be! These two other book should help you "find your purpose" and KNOW who you were created to be and how to walk in your role and your purpose with your head held high and confident in BEING the person you are DESTINED to be!
Well, now back to making some RESIDUAL INCOME! 

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First, my book will help you make extra money by being an AFFILIATE to some of the MAJOR companies out there. You will be their AFFILIATE; hence, will share in their SALES as well as their PROFITS! Now when you PURCHASE my book, either in PAPERBACK or through KINDLE FIRE, I will send you the CODE for the book "Guest Blogging: Everything You Will Need to Know About Guest Blogging" absolutely FREE while SUPPLIES LAST! Now with this book, you will learn how to BLOG for INCOME! So, if you like to write, but don't want the hassles of writing an entire book, then Blogging may be just the thing for you!

Now with my book, "Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle" the Book Series: 

Be a Wife & Mom While Making $ with Affiliate Programs!: Building a Business with Affiliate Programs While Maintaining a Family, is NOT just for Women, but will work for anyone who applies the information! So, don't let the title fool you; however, men, if making money with Affiliate Marketing is not you "cup of tea", then feel free to share it with the women in your life, especially if she is a "stay at home Mom or Wife", or just looking to make some "shopping" CASH!

Kindle Fire      &      Paperback
Kindle Fire      &      Paperback

So, Purchase my book in one or both formats, and give me a 5 Star Rating, then I will send you the CODE for the FREE Audible Audio Book! But HURRY, because SUPPLIES are LIMITED! Also, if you live in or know anyone who lives in the UK, they can also "follow suite".

FREE Audible Audio Book


Don't have a Kindle Fire, yet? Well choose one below!

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Blogging, as well as, Affiliate Marketing are two of the EASIEST ways to EARN EXTRA INCOME, especially if you are checking your FaceBook Status, Tweets, Pins, or Linkedin accounts, because you can Market your Websites, Blogs and even Affiliate Links on all Social Media Platforms! Simple! And get this... If you always wanted to write a book, but you though it was TOO expensive, well, I can hook you up with that as well and guess what? It's all for FREE!!!!! Yes, I wrote my book, in ONE DAY, with Create Space's easy to use FREE book writing template! And the WONDERFUL thing about it, after you are FINISHED, "THEY" publish to Amazon, Kindle and even Internationally with just a few clicks of the button! Therefore, if you have about 5 minutes to CLICK the LINK below and RATE my book on Create Spaces' platform, there' a banner link that will help you to get started to BE the Author you've always wanted to be!


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