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Monday, November 3, 2014


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Greetings to All... Today I want to talk to you about CHANGE... Everyone goes through CHANGE ... From Conception to Ascension from the body, EVERYONE changes; however, everyone doesn't "handle" this LIFE event with COMFORT and JOY. Sometimes, one may REJECT that which is INEVITABLE, and RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

Today, I ask, what changes are you REJECTING and which ones are you EMBRACING? Are there changes occurring in your Family, Finances, Relationships, Mind, Body, Spirit, etc.? How are you handling these changes? Well, we are currently facing changes in our family and I AM doing everything in my being to "embrace" and make "positive" light of the changes in which my family are facing. And I must say that the "real" challenge is "within". On Thursday, my husband went off to learn how to better himself for the greater good of our family in hopes to find employment and learn skills that will financially support the family, along with the capability to mentally, emotionally and spiritually Provide, Protect and Produce the qualities and abilities to Empower and Endow each member of the family to do likewise. Friday, the second youngest child went off to "begin" the cycle of learning, growing, achieving, striving, socializing and developing his "skills and abilities" that will become a part of his repertoire toward his destiny.  Therefore, the youngest and myself are home, learning and bonding with each other. 

It's been about 20 years since facing this type of change in my life; however, this change is good. It will give me time to do some things that I, myself have to do to prepare for the future that I so desire for my family. This will give me time to work within "self", to reinforce some things, change somethings and even "discard" some things within that has inhibited growth within as well as my surroundings.

CHANGE... is  really never "bad" if faced in hopes of a POSITIVE outcome. One must DO that in which GOD - FATHER LOVE has equipped and empowered within themselves to handle. Everyone's mission and ministry is NOT the same. What I maybe "ordained, anointed, and empowered" to handle, go through and do may be on a different scale, platform and level that someone else, and vice-versa. I AM constantly hearing on the radio and reading on social media how to "leave" a person when the "going" gets "tough"... when "they" are "behaving badly", or making "unproductive" choice; however, I AM not hearing or reading about the "long suffering". I thank FATHER GOD, LOVE HIMSELF for my Pastor John S. Battle (former NBA player of Cleveland Cavs and Atlanta Hawks ) of New Shield of Faith Ministries for teaching us about "REAL" LOVE, "TRUE" LOVE, "UNCONDITIONAL" LOVE ... how to "fight for" and "long suffer through" for those we love. How to NOT give up so easily on someone who "aren't" where "we" think they should be. You see, the "real" test and the "real" CHANGE may NOT be for the "other" person, but it may be for "YOU"! 

You see, I had and issue with PATIENCE and NOT "letting" HER have HER "perfect" work in me; therefore, instead of "WAITING" for LOVE, LIFE & TRUTH "do" that which I was "praying" for, a lot of times I "bailed" before giving "them" the chance to "DO" that which I not only prayed for, but what would have empowered me with the skills and abilities to "BE" about FATHER's BUSINESS, which is to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Sad to say that in this day and times, No one CHOOSES to LOVE... and I say this because no one chooses to "long suffer" THROUGH with another, especially in the Marital Institution. Remember,
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 Monday, November 3, 2014, 2:13 pm EST