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Friday, December 12, 2014

#BOOKCLUB - "Read" for Knowledge, "Learn" for LIFE!





  Greetings to all

As I AM writing this BLOG, so much is going on in the world that I will comment on later in this BLOG... But first, I have a lot in my head and on my heart that I will be expressing here, because there is no one in "human" form at this point in time, really cares to "hear" what I AM wanting to express, and let me inform those of you who do not know me "personally" (which I can say maybe only a couple of people actually do), why I AM saying what I AM about to say.

People come in contact with each other every day, and because of the "Earthsuit"  or what is shown on the "outer shell" of a person, many FAIL to get to KNOW the one INSIDE. They "READ" the "COVER" without "LEARNING" the "CONTENTS" within. At least by most, people have heard the saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover"; however, PRE-JUDGMENT goes on EVERY SECOND and WHY, do you ask? Well, I believe not so much as "HATE" but "FEAR"... FEAR of LOSS, which ALL that is EVIL stems from.

People who are white "fear" that if they will be "ostracized" by their "peers" if they "LOVE" a "black" person; People who are in "authority" "fear" that they will "lose" their "POWER", if they DO "just" to someone who is of less "titled"; Men fear that they will lose "RESPECT" if they "honor" women as their "equal" in "capabilities"; Women fear that they will lose their "LIFE" if they are "submissive" to their husbands; Teens fear that they will lose "SELF" if they "heed" to the "OBEDIENCE" of their parents; and so on and so forth... 

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What is "FEAR"?

FEAR is the "belief" that "to LOSE is to be UNLOVED & DISRESPECTED"

"FEAR is the breeding ground for LIES'

Why does one LIE?

Because of the FEAR of LOSS... 

Many have been TAUGHT this LIE since CHILDHOOD; therefore, TO REVERSE the ADVERSE AFFECTS of what is happening in AMERICA today, we must "REWRITE" and "REVISE" some of these "CHAPTERS" in AMERICAN RELATIONSHIPS!

First, we MUST INSTILL that to LOSE DOES NOT mean to be UNLOVED or DISRESPECTED. We must instill the KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH, that to LOSE actually means to "open or be open to RECEIVE". 


Second, we must LEARN that LOVE is ONE WAY PATH revolving in a figure of 8 - two circles intertwining in the center enabling not only REVOLUTION but also OPPORTUNITY to CROSS PATHS of what was "ASSUMED" to be "LOST" in the first place.  Think of it as two "GEARS" connected. 


We "humans" are not on a ROUND CIRCLE for nothing... If everyone WOULD JUST STOP, LOOK, & LISTEN we would ALL SEE that EVERYTHING is 8 ... Everything that is ALIVE is made up of an 8 ... LIFE is CREATED with an 8 - two single cells coming together... two circles . We live in a WORLD of CIRCLES, so WHY do we ACT so SQUARE?!


8 = LOVE








If EVERYONE would realize that we are just GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES and CONNECT the DOTS, maybe some would get the MESSAGE... What GOES around, COMES around & THAT WILL CONTINUE for an 8. #INFINITY

So, just DON'T "READ" the "OUTSIDE" of the matter without OPENING your MIND to RECEIVE what's INSIDE to ACQUIRE the KNOWLEDGE of the LIFE of WHO is BEFORE you, because you will never know a "lie" unless you know the "truth"... 

Which brings me to #FERGUSON #ERICGARNER #BILLCOSBY ... 

All CHANGE is brought about by SACRIFICE... period.

There is NO change without LOSS and there is NO GAIN without CHANGE; therefore, to GAIN is to LOSE. 

Blacks have had years of NON-SUPPORT of one another and if you go into any black community in America, because of this NON-SUPPORT, no major "black community" is "black owned"... Banks, Schools, Businesses, etc., so when "a darker skinned Earth suit wearing" human attempts to start something "FOR" and "IN" the community they are "ostracized" by NON-SUPPORT.  True, some may have "prematurely" entered into business; however, the COMMUNITY do not "RALLY" together to make their business a success! Too many GIVE UP too soon and GIVE IN to the "press" instead of "RALLYING" together as a UNITED FRONT to BUILD "with" the one... hence FEAR. FEAR that if he or she SUCCEEDS "before" I do, I will be "UNLOVED" and "DISRESPECTED" by the other members of the community. 

How is it that the "BLACK" community can have 12 million churches on on BLOCK but can have "2 businesses" on that SAME BLOCK? Because of the LIE - FEAR. There's NO WORRY when ANOTHER CHURCH is BUILT, because it's "NOT FOR PROFIT"; therefore, YOU CAN'T GAIN... and if you do, WE'LL BURY you and tear you down, because  "we" are too SELFISH to "SACRIFICE" because that will show LOVE and to LOVE is to be "weak"... 


to LIE = to FEAR

to LOSE = to GAIN

Now to #BillCosby... I pray that inside his mind wasn't all of this FEAR that was "dancing" like "sugarplums" in his head to make him go off the "deep end". Honestly, I believe that it is a setup. How "hard" would it be for the "powers that be" to gather former models, playboy bunnies, extras, actress, write a script and get them to "bring down" a great television icon? Simple really. Think about it.. I don't know the "health conditions" of he nor his wife; however, if they had or are facing some type of "illness", I AM quite sure that their finances have suffered; thus, the reason Mr. Cosby has had to go "back to work" on stage and why he was preparing his NEW television show. Now, because a lot of "outsiders" of the world of Entertainment and the Media, really don't know the "behind the scenes", they will "accept" who has or is the "lesser of two evils"... Well, "things" are never what they seem, even if they are "witnessed" to be "true". Here's my thing:

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1.) People who have been drugged, are on drugs, or have ever "been" drugged cannot recall "with all certainty" the ACTUAL FACTS of WHAT OCCURRED during the time they were "out"... (Not even a person who is asleep can recall with all certainty what happens while they are asleep) 

2.) Not saying that Mr. Cosby is "innocent"; however, who's to say that he didn't LEAVE and a "buddy" came in?

3.) If Monica Lewinsky had the sense to "SAVE" articles of clothing during her "experiences" (and DNA wasn't THAT prevalent back then), NOT one thought to "SAVE" anything? A letter, a note, a Polaroid, tape recording, etc.?

4.) Where are his "girls" in all of this? What are "they" saying? Even Joe Jackson couldn't keep LaToya from saying what she had to say; therefore, with ALL of these women, NOT ONE spoke out in 40 years?! Not "undercover" but CRIED ALOUD and SPARED NOT?

5.) I believe that NBC and Mr. Cosby or some Executive couldn't AGREE on the "terms" of his new show, and Mr. Cosby could have said something that "rubbed" them the wrong way, and hence, here we are...  That's why "Tyler Perry" created his own, so that he wouldn't get "confined" by the POWER of the Executives. 

Of course, his WIFE... no matter what, ALL wives "know" what their husbands do, even if they are "wrong"... ;-)

Oh, and I DO NOT by ANY MEANS take "light" of RAPE, because my eldest daughter was molested when she was 3 and was given an STD by my then husband, my 3rd child (2nd son's) dad; however, I STOOD up for her & have taught her to STAND up for herself.


(She posted it herself to HELP someone else who may have been the VICTIM of sexual abuse -Her Story, Her Words, from HER STRENGTH ) 

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Therefore, I still say that "something" about their stories are just not sitting well with me, because what I know from the youth they are RESILIENT no matter WHAT the ERA was or is. Remember a TEENAGER'S REBELLION is BRUTAL & these women were supposingly all in there LATE TEENS early - to mid 20's at that time. My era, my age range, and I know what goes on in that "world" and for me, once was ENOUGH, and I wasn't ABOUT to "GO BACK" for more, unless my agenda was $$$$$ and lots of it. Trust me, it would have HAD to have been... And the choice of profession that they chose to be in, if anything "could" be done, WOULD have been done. #ThePowerOfTheLoophole

Well, as I close this BLOG, if we REALLY want LOVE "FROM ALL",  we must FIRST pay the ultimate SACRIFICE and "GIVE to ALL OURSELVES". 

The Coffee Taster's Club

"A lot of people, black, white, red, yellow, blue, etc., REALLY don't have KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH, because of FEAR; however, if EVERYONE came TOGETHER to 'READ' one another FROM the INSIDE and LIVE, we will LEARN the REAL story" - Mrs. RGTG



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