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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another Moment of TRUTH in the "Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle"

Sunday, September 28, 2014 10:59 PM EST

Had all intent purposes to write on yesterday; however, had a lot going on. Auditioned for a LOT of Audio Book parts on EARLY Saturday morning until around 4:30 am EST (I pray I get some offers to complete some projects) and as a REMINDER ;-) here is the Actual Book to the Audio Book, narrated and produced by yours truly! 

I don't have the actual LINK to the Audio Book at the moment; however, when I have it, so will you. 

Well, here goes my Moment of TRUTH for yesterday... Well, we went to check on our "stolen" car that was finally retrieved, it was impounded by the police and some dude was arrested. We really don't know ALL of the particulars; however, it is what it is until it's something else. Anyway, we got the police release in order to have it for Tuesday when we go to pick it up. 

On a personal note, I AM "still" "feeling some type of way" because, something is going on with the "hubby" and as always, he doesn't talk or express himself, leaving me feeling "left out in the cold". I really don't know how much more of my emotions I can sacrifice "without" getting "something" in the "emotional" department in return. And when I try and "talk" about "my" feelings to him, "he" gets all "defensive" and "offended"?!  WOW! Anyway, that's neither here nor there, and THAT is what it is until it's something different.

On a lighter note, my daughter (the oldest) and I stopped by my "new found" Sister's house to make some plans to spend some time with her today! Will be having her as a "guest" on my TV Show "Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle" and I AM excited! Y'all will have to STAY TUNED for THAT SHOW! 
Otherwise, I did get to do another audition last night, which didn't go into "wee hours" of the night. I believe that I did an ok job; however, it was over a 2 hour read and I got tired and sleepy. Oh well, you'll have to "spend" some ULTIMATE ADNOHR "blog" time with me to find out!

Well, #LOVELIFETRUTH be unto you today, have to go and get ready for my TV SHOW shoot at 1:30 pm EST with my Sister and Daughters. Until next time, ULTIMATE HEALTH, WEALTH, WISDOM & FAVOR be unto you!

12:30 pm EST