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Thursday, June 4, 2015

#IamCait #IamCaitlyn #BruceJenner

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Thursday, June 4, 2014
Greetings to All

What you have just viewed was a clip from the upcoming Documentary for the transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner entitled "I am Cait". Now, this BLOG is written not to defend or judge what decision "Bruce" made moreso the "motive" behind his decision. 

The following are some notes that I had written in the past about the "Earth Suits" that we, our "spiritual" true selves live in, because it isn't about the "body", for it is from the Earth, and back to the Earth it shall return when our spiritual selves are in no more need of it. About a few days ago, I posted the following on my Hidden Truth Ministries facebook page:

I always wondered about this scripture & what it meant. I know that we are NOT to judge each other, because we are sent FROM Heaven TO Earth & when a spirit leaves an Earth Suit, they are ushered to Heaven or Hell; therefore, are "Angels" also responsible for "ushering" the spirit INTO the Earth Suit as well, & if so, do they sometimes usher the spirit into the "wrong" Earth Suit? http://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/6-3.htm‪#‎BruceJenner‬ ‪#‎CaitlynJenner‬ IJS

Now, I personally believe in the "unseen", other life forces beyond our physical Earth, creatures or let's say other "body suits" that have been designed for other planets' atmospheric conditions (aliens as we would name them), angels, etc., in which I believe that when a spirit leaves the Earth Suit, they are "ushered" into another realm or dimension; however, not until this Bruce/Caitlyn thing did I ever think are that also ushered "INTO" our bodies as well, and if so, did some usher "female spirits" into male body suits & vice-verse, either in error or even mischievously? For those who are spiritual, believe that angels are on LIFE the LORD's "payroll" to run the affairs of Heaven & Earth; however, angels, like humans are not "PERFECT", they error, also. So, yes, I do believe because of this recent epiphany that some people may go through "gender" confusion, because they are just not "comfortable" in the Earth Suit they were give, because it wasn't "tailor made" for their spiritual selves... Look, the truth is that we must condition ourselves to look BEYOND the "body suit" to see the motive and intent of the heart & challenges ourselves to love in spite of and forgive because of (read The Challenge of Love by clicking the link)  

Now, concerning the MOTIVE & INTENT, in which I can only offer questions, because I am not privy to, not given the authority to judge Humans; however, I will point out this... the Kardashians have made "making money" and generating multiple streams of income their business... They have perfected it. They have created a certain lifestyle and they must "maintain" it. Now Bruce/Caitlyn is a part of that family, divorced or not, because of his & Kris's children they have fashioned together, he/she is and always will be DNA connected. Which now brings me to my thoughts of his/her motive and intent...
There have been other "transgenders" who have "transitioned"; however, because of who they are, or are not, they have not been given a second thought. People like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Carmen Carrera & Amiyah Scott, just to name a few, may be spirits who were "ushered" into the wrong "bodies" at the time of their birth. I know my older readers may remember; however, remember that cartoon of a stork delivering babies to the wrong mothers? (Yes, we used to say that the stork delivered babies & that's where they came from) Well, these may well be female spirits who "redesigned" their Earth Suits to "fit" who they proclaim to be their "true selves"; however, they didn't / don't have the financial backing as Bruce/Caitlyn... The Financial Mogul force of the Kardashian women. 

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So, question, was this all just a ploy to generate more fame & fortune? Was he coaxed and even coached to proceed with his transformation as to acquire more spotlight time for these women? Now he/she has a spinoff show, which I do believe that "they" will make some sort of appearance. When humans would do ANYTHING for money, motive and intent are questioned. 

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Thursday, June 4, 2015