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Monday, May 25, 2015

#CuttingIt In the ATL part 2

Monday, 05/25/2015
10:48 am EST

Greetings to All,

I hope that you enjoyed watching "Cutting It In the ATL" on Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle". I had a blast at the premiere of the Hottest NEW show on WE tv! When we left off, I was telling you about my 2nd "team" follow (if you haven't read part 1 of this BLOG, please take a moment to do so at this time - entitled #Beauty Cutting It In The ATL), so now, I will let you know about my 3rd team follow and why. For my team follow #3, I like #TeamBeautii or shall I say #TeamSpoiled!

Beautii Pat. Joseph as she is known to her Facebook followers is truly a beauty. A go getter and true to her craft, this stunning Beautii is a work of art! Her business savvy leaves no stone unturned. She is very attentive as to her surroundings to not let anything slide by her! Single Mother of a very handsome young man of 17 years, who not only loves his mother, but sticks by her side as her "rock of Gibraltar" ... solid. He watch her proudly as she graced the stage with her presence knowing some of the challenges, hard work, dedication and sacrifices that she had to face to get her to this moment in time.

Oh, and I just found out that tomorrow is Beautii's birthday - which makes her my twin #Gemini - therefore, I must tie her for first place! Happy Annual Earth Suit Arrival Day! May you walk in Excellent Health, Healthy Wealth, Wealthy Wisdom with Ultimate Understanding and Notable Knowledge in ALL things that will bring you into LOVE, LIFE & TRUTH that will cause unto you INCREASE & ABUNDANCE for you and your children and their children all the days of life on Earth!

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Mushiya ~ Maja ~ Beautii ~ LaKenya ~ Dedra

Make sure to tune in Thursday nights at 10:00 pm EST on WEtv for "Cutting It In the ATL" and see if #TeamBeutii is the team for you! Make sure to WATCH the VIDEO & LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel! Also, for unedited videos, SUBSCRIBE to Channel "Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle" - UNCUT

Tied for First is #TeamLaKenya 
Make sure that you keep your eye on this #CuttingIt beauty! She may be petite; however, she is packed with Power! Sure, she may be standing alone in a lot of areas of her life at the moment; however, this too shall pass. Lakenya is a force to be reckoned with! Such grace, beauty, talent! She gets the record straight while at the same time remaining humble! Short in stature, sure, that's a given; however, this beauty is not short in wisdom, knowledge nor understanding! A quiet storm at best who is not to be taken lightly. Take cover, because LaKenya Morris is on the Rise! Remember, she who laughs last, laughs the longest.  Allure Beauty Bar is in the ATL - come and make you an appointment - LIKE and SHARE her Facebook page!

Tuned in and get ready!! ‪#‎cuttingitintheatl‬ ‪#‎teamlakenya‬ ‪#‎allurebeauty Thursday nights @ 10:00 pm EST on WEtv after Braxton Family Values! Make sure to WATCH the VIDEO & LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel! Also, for unedited videos, SUBSCRIBE to Channel "Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle" - UNCUT
Our final beauty tied for FIRST is none other than:

Short, sassy, chic is this #CuttingIt star's specialty! If you like it short, please do not take your hair to anyone else! That alone should make you a part of #TeamDedra ! Dedra is all about her family, making sure that she leave a legacy to them and that's why she puts her heart and soul into her hair styles! When it comes to the creativity of short styles, she is a cut above the rest! Oh, don't get it twisted, she can work her magic on some long hair as well! Don't just take my word for it, visit her at her Salon - Jdoah Salon - and while you're at it, visit and subscribe to her website, http://www.jdoah.com

WATCH Dedra Allen on #CuttingIt In the ATL on WEtv, Thursday nights at 10:00 pm! Like Chic, short, sassy - join #TeamDedra! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE all of these ladies pages, blogs, websites & go patronize their businesses!

As you watch, I am quite sure that you may change teams from time to time; however, they ALL are lovely ladies who are to be admired and respected for LIVING their DREAMS and ACHIEVING their GOALS. I respect, admire and applaud them on this aspect alone, because so many people end up going to their graves without even attempting to live out the desire that GOD, FATHER LOVE has placed in them that will cause provision, increase and abundance in their lives.

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And it doesn't have to end here! Go to AdnohR Entertainment for more candid pictures from the #CuttingIt In The ATL's premiere Event!

End Monday, 05/25/2015
12:44 pm EST