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Friday, September 26, 2014

Moments of TRUTH for the Week of 09/25 - 10/02/2014


All this week I've been "feeling some type of way about my relationship with the spouse, nothing really "standoutish" just wanting a little more time and attention; however, I also believe that "communication" is pointless, because until a heart is transformed and a mind is changed, words have no meaning or no power until the heart is READY to RECEIVE!  

Speaking of "ish" - watched the new show "Black-ish" - well to me, it started off kind of "slow", with no "rhythm" - maybe 1st day of shooting jitters? However, toward the end, it picked up in the "comedic" aspect; however, it's too soon to tell just how "funny" the "upper class" folk try to "keep it real".

Question:  Has Martin Lawernce acted "since" the coma? If so, did he experience a set back or accident, because his "timing" if off  - his "humor" isn't as "spicy" as it used to be. His delivery has slowed, because with him and Kelsey Grammer, these two should be "bringing down the house" in the funny department! 

On the flip side, I've FINISHED my Audio Book PROJECT:  

Go To College Dummy!: 

What You Need To Know About College Today For Students and Parents 

by Andrea Lopez 

and I believe that I did a pretty good job for my first project as a Narrator and a Producer!  I  AM looking forward to many, many, many more! I would also love to "PRODUCE & NARRATE" my own "book" someday, if I can ever FINISH it!


Had all intention to WORK last night; however, I was more tired that I'd hope to be. My eatting habits have changed for the worst, because I am so tired of feeling that I am carrying the "weight" of this family on my shoulders. (Contrary to popular beliefs - no matter how hard, long, much you PRAY, you must still "WAIT" for the FATHER - LOVE, "through" TIME to "answer") There is no motivation. I have none, and I am well of understanding of the scripture "Hope deferred maketh the heart sick".... I am so needing to finish my book; however, that's another story. Well, it's 1:01pm on the 26th day of September, which is a Friday and as I type, the youngest, Jakobe John is crying because he's getting his hair cut by his Daddy (which I don't understand as to why my husband waits until it gets "COLD" to cut the boys' hair), anyway, that's neither here, nor there. Well, until later... 

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