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Thursday, April 7, 2016

#JanetJackson LEAVE HER ALONE IF U Can't Just Be Happy 4 Her!

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Greetings to All

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!! SO VERY, VERY VERY HAPPY for MY GIRL, MY SISTER in HEART, #JanetJackson !!!!!  Shower her with GOLD - BABY Books for Girls or Boys WITH GOLD!  Baby books for Girls or Boys that comes with 99.99% 24 bullions in .01 gram or 1 gram currency! 

On December 25, 2015  Janet Jackson reported that she needed "emergency surgery", in which she did.. Please read the post below that was reported by Cecil G Holmes, aka Pearl Jr.

Janet has tonight announced that she will be postponing the upcoming leg of the Unbreakable Tour having found out she needs surgery. Whilst not elaborating on…
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Tina Peetermans hope she's gonna be OK.
Kate Kleemann This is sad, hope the surgery is nothing too serious
Miwa Matsuzaki what is a matter on her?
Angie Bateman Speedy recovery Janet 
Steven A. Monzon She Will Be Back, because she is like MJ, they both are UNBREAKABLE!!! Love You, Jan!!!

Above, you will see the COMMENT that I posted concerning the "type" of emergency surgery that she was having - of course, discernment was given to me that Janet was pregnant at that time...  

Here's More Information on "Cervical Cerclages"

Cervical Cerclage to Prevent Preterm Delivery

Cervical cerclage is the placement of stitches in the cervix camera.gif to hold it closed. In select cases, this procedure is used to keep a weak cervix(incompetent cervix) from opening early. When a cervix opens early, it may cause preterm labor and delivery. If you have an incompetent cervix, your doctor may recommend cervical cerclage.
Cervical cerclage involves stitching shut the cervix, which is the outlet of the uterus. Cerclage can be done preventively at 12 to 14 weeks before the cervix thins out, or as an emergency measure after the cervix has thinned. It is rarely used after 24 weeks.
Cerclage is performed using either general anesthesia or regional anesthesia (such as spinal injection). Usually cerclage is done through the vagina. A speculum, an instrument with paddles shaped like spoons, is inserted into the pregnant woman's vagina to spread the vaginal walls apart for the surgery. The surgery can be done in different ways:
  • Stitches can be placed around the outside of the cervix.
  • A special tape can be tied around the cervix and stitched in place.
  • A small incision can be made in the cervix. A special tape is then tied through the cervix to close it.
If an incompetent cervix is diagnosed later in pregnancy, the woman'samniotic sac may begin to protrude through her cervix. This may be treated by inserting a thin tube (catheter) through the cervix, then inflating a bulb at the end of the catheter. Another technique involves filling the bladder with liquid using a catheter inserted through theurethra. The full bladder helps to push the amniotic sac back up into the pelvis, and the cervix can then be stitched shut.

Here is another post between myself and a "very close family contact" of hers and myself; however...

Praying for Janet. Is she having the Cervical Cerclage procedure? Praying that it goes well. She deserves the Best & the best ONLY!
 I wasn't responded to, because NO ONE was supposed to know; however, because of the "connection" that I have, I was told about it around December 7, 2015. that she was expecting and was told that she would reveal it in her own time, AND...  actually, it is THEIR business - her family and hers - as to when or "if" they wanted it to be "announced". Pregnancy is on a different plateau and especially when age is a factor... I should know, I had my last two at age 46 & 47.  Her HEALTH is MAJOR concern and I am OUTRAGED at some of the RESPONSES that she has been getting on social media. Because being pregnant is so "delicate", especially when you are up in age and potentially "high risk", you want to keep it as "hush-hush" as possible until you believe that all is well. Of course, no life is guaranteed; however, most Mothers want to at least be assured that they are "out of the woods" and are getting the best possible care - both mother and child ...  

Remember, that she DIDN'T "have to" announce the news to anyone; however, because of the love that she has for her fans, she did... I also know that when she STARTED the tour, she WAS NOT pregnant; however, her "biological clock" was "tocking" and I know that she wanted to give her husband an heir. When, well that was all up to JAH - FATHER LOVE, because truth be told, "planned pregnancy" isn't really "planned" - there are many couples who have, tried and planned and planned and tried, and still were not able to conceive and then there are some who can pretty much just "kiss" and voila' ... So to think of even believe that she INTENTIONALLY wanted to "postpone" or even "cancel" any shows is down right insane!  

I would love to "see" the ones who are "griping and complaining" walk in her shoes just for 24 hrs, because I know that that would soon be null and void.  Therefore, ease up on the "hate" ... if you can be happy for the "soon-to-be" parents, beware, because "turnabout" is fair play and "Karma"... well she isn't so nice. So many are talking about how the "timing" - how she has had to postpone on a couple of occasions, ok, first of all, pregnancy is one of the most CRITICAL times in a woman's life and given her age, she is definitely in the "high risk" category. Now if you are so cruel as to be so caught up in a "REFUND" other than her and her baby's health and safety, all I can say is ... "WOW" Really, her being pregnant was just as plain as the nose on your face; however, YOU, not Janet... YOU still went ahead an "purchased" a ticket to see her in concert... she didn't "force" anyone to purchase anything and as it goes with ANYTHING that you spend money on that has no "written" guarantee, "buyer beware".

 "Ain't Nothing Wrong with Being a D-O-G: MAN the Reflection of G-O-D

Now before you get all in a "TIFFY" about the CONCERT and your TICKET money, refund, etc., she is just DELAYING the CONCERT... she isn't trying to "flimflam", "bamboozle", or "swindle" you out of your FUNDS - she has more that you probably could ever imagine - Just let her BE the MOTHER she DESERVES to be! And when she DOES come back "CONCERT READY", BELIEVE me, YOU WILL get the CONCERT of a LIFETIME!!!! It will be soooo EPIC!!!!  

 Peter Midani  & Cecil G Holmes were the ONLY two that I shared through instant message about the type of surgery that she was having, and as for the "throat" issue, sometimes during pregnancy, a woman's thyroid gland enlarges ' therefore, they will do testing to make sure that everything is well with the thyroid gland, because it can cause some serious problems during pregnancy and in the long run. 

All it all, just be happy for her, because if you really are a "fan" or shall I say a member of her support system, SUPPORT... support her with POSITIVE energy and well wishes, because such as EVERYTHING in life, this too shall pass.

Here is how TRUE "Fan-mily"  and Supporters of Janet React With the News:

A message from Janet...
Tina Peetermans wow, that's good news, thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!
Reggie Wagas Yeeehhhheeeyyyyy

smile emoticon

Anna Mazza Great And beautiful queen

Michael Stabili Are you pregnant ????
Peter Midani yeah she is
Rhonda Gayle TurnerGarner

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Tina Peetermans they're PLANNING A FAMILY !!!!!!!
Jeremy Sloan wow...sounds like good news
Desneiges Duchesne She's so beautiful. Best of luck. Family is what we are born to do, so go for it girl enjoy all of it. Xox
Bobbie Webster oh my !! That is wonderful news !!
Barbara Chamma Karen CandieAndrea SamonsMuhammed Midani! This is our 3rd cancellation! How are we going to keep waiting. Happy and sad at the same time. Kansas City must wait. Again.
Karen Candie I'm ready for my money back. Could us ot to buy season pass to starlight.
Rhonda Gayle TurnerGarner

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Veronica Prenumeda I will watch janet also good for her if she want family but I like to believe there is no much sin if I never want to be mother .i mean jesus sayd once to some women to cry for her children and no for him so I enjoy no kids for me.i hope.so ! But who wants take care and enjoy !
Luz Wigglestworth Janet is so beautiful and her voice is amazing
Juanita Caritha McDonald Finally... Baby on the way?... Don't blame you girl... Your health is so important... Your fans can wait... I'm so lucky to have gotten to see you in Orlando ... Take care and many... many blessings to you and your family...

Angel Faith That's such great news  baby is such blessing  I hope I have the same news this year as well 

Paulina Fraser Congratulations Janet great news .you take care .. you look so happy .. wish you all the best xxxx

Ouardia Waldy Hamdani Félicitations aux futurs parents  prenez- soins de vous
See Translation
Sevasti Tsomaridou I'm happy for Janet i wish you a big Family with meny sweete Babys ho you make happy God bless you family

Kevin Jee The most lovely smile on the planet! 
heart emoticon

Bronwenann Fleming OMG< Beautiful , Wow , I am so happy for Janet, did she say planing her own family , oh blessed her .
Bronwenann Fleming Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh JANET IS HAVING A BABY , YES, OH WOW , HAPPY HAPPY FOR YOU JANET ,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bronwenann Fleming I be the Nanny , ha ha
Rhonda Gayle TurnerGarner

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Latrice Tumlin I'm so happy for you and congratulations
Teodora Sanchez Martin Enhorabuena Janet !!!!!

Dominika Šlechtová It's great! wish you Janet the best and rest as long as you can. 
smile emoticon

Basatu Bah May Allah bless you and your family .

Rhonda Gayle TurnerGarner CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!! SO VERY, VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!! Shower her with GOLD -https://karatbars.com/shop/index.php?page=shopproduct&pid=33 Baby books for Girls or Boys that comes with 99.99% 24 bullions in .01 gram or 1 gram currency!...See More

Paola Daniela CMj So Happy for Janet.... 
grin emoticon

Barak Shaniya Banayamyan congrats im so happy for her
Keyonnie Saunders Omg may Allah bless Janet and her husband I hope everything turns out good with them working on a family. Awww it's so beautiful, I wish them the best.
Ann Marie Clyde God bless you Janet and congratulations.. Take care
Rieceys Pieces Awww Janet🍼🍼🍼

Jéssica Poliana I love you so much, dear aunt Janet Jackson 

Leah Jennings-Britchford Congratulations. Janet looks and sounds a lot like Michael xxxx
Rozanne Fourie Peter, I have sent u a message on fb. Please read when u can.

Tina Mowbray Ashwell Happy for you & best wishes & love you more 

Agnetha Lagström Congratulaiten Janet 
heart emoticon

Sonia Meoza ela está deitada?
See Translation

Khanssa Badri Many congrats on the beautiful news Janet! we love forward to welcoming the new addition into the bosom of the Jackson global community 
smile emoticon
love and best wishes to you all X
Sevasti Tsomaridou A gift that is more precious than all the treasures of the world

Rachel Callender She will be an awesome mom. Very happy for her 

Alexandra Jackson God bless him 🏽 that angel 💕
Jessica Webb I am happy for you Janet, I wish you the best of luck. ^.^

Violeta Iavarone Congrats Janet ! 
heart emoticon

heart emoticon
 best wishes Janet heart emoticon
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Hud Ben G Congratulations Janet and God bless you
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Capi Capi Moreno del Moral Congratulations janet 
wink emoticon

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Ali Dontbenosey Awesome news 
heart emoticon

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Eva Simplemente Eva I am so happy for her!! 
heart emoticon
 Go girl!!!
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Brandy Colleen Johnston When she smiles, she smiles just like her brother!! They look so much alike!!
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Kelly Woodward She is so gorgeous. ...I wish I was born into the Jackson's family. ..they r so loving and kind
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#JanetJackson DESERVES to have ALL of the things that LIFE has to offer. She has been through the Storm and the Rain - not to say that most of us haven't; however, for her, her life is displayed on "Front Street". So to +Janet Jackson , honey my spirit and my energy of Positivity are with you and yours! May you and yours be showered with COMFORT, JOY, STRENGTH, HEALTH, WEALTH, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING and FAVOR for the NEXT 50 years and BEYOND!



CONGRATULATIONS  Janet,- she will be so LOVED, and may she be showered with Excellent Health, Healthy Wealth, Wealthy Wisdom & Ultimate Favor ... From "Auntie Rhonda Gayle" ... So much love to you ALL!!!!!

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