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Thursday, April 7, 2016

#theBible A Book on Economics: Revelation 13 is the Future of the Economy!

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Greetings to All,
Well a lot has been going on since my last post. A lot of family challenges; however, this too shall pass, because one thing that I do know is that I cannot CHANGE another person, nor can I MAKE someone submit to my will in a way that would open their mindset to change; however, I can DO and the RESULTS of what I do can affect and influence them to DO the same. Therefore, "Do you, boo!" You will get like minded followers.

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Ok, you all know that I like "hacking" the scriptures to break it down to a meaning that will cause WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING that will cause others to BE PROFITABLE, and was given to me the Revelation 13 is a prophesy about Karatbars International! First, you must have an ECONOMIC mindset to UNDERSTAND & cipher what Revelation 13 is REALLY talking about; therefore, let's take it line by line & know that there IS a DIFFERENCE between the Karatbars WEALTH Plan & the Governments' new up and coming "Fiat" Currency System.

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First, GOLD has been created and DESIGNED to GENERATE, MAINTAIN & reproduce WEALTH for ALL who understand its VALUE; however, because of man's greed, man will try to "duplicate" this system as an illusion to cause an economic decline for those who fall prey to it. Those who do fall prey to the New World Economy will be bound to a system that will lock them into an eternal debt of economic DEATH in ways that have NEVER been seen before. A "famine" by no other standard that will take place at the beginning of THIS upcoming Presidential Election.  All that I can say is GET GOLD or GET GOT... (Southerners Understand)


 Revelation 3:18 - Get GOLD!

Get GOLD while the Getting is GOOD, because at any given moment, the price of Gold can SKYROCKET beyond that which you can afford!


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