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Saturday, May 16, 2015

#BEAUTY & #Cutting It In The ATL

Monday, April 6, 2015
4:00 pm EST

Greetings to All

It's been a while since I've shared anything, because I have been so busy. This is on my heart for this moment in time and it is HOW TO RELEASE those you love and the BEAUTY of that RELEASE. I know that you have heard it so many times, for I have, too, and that is "Let Go and Let God", well to tell the truth of the matter is that a lot of folk just do NOT KNOW "how" to do such. Sure, many know how to "quote" it, but to actually "DO" it is another story. Oh, and by the way, I am typing large, because it's easier for me to READ as well... lol.

The first step in "letting go" of a person, place or thing is to look inward to self and ask, "Do I think that I will lose something behind letting go? And if so, what?"  Go inside of your heart and emotions and be HONEST as to "why" or "what is the purpose/reason" that said person, place or thing is in my life in the first place. And am I gaining or giving. Am I causing, or shall I say, "breathing" LIFE into that person, place or thing, or am I "taking" from? 

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Friday, May 15, 2015
11:57 am EST 

If you are "receiving" or "expecting to receive" MORE that you give, well, you're off balanced and delusional. Letting go of a person, place or a thing requires one to KNOW your value - to know that a greater replacement is coming. If you do not believe that greater is coming or that you deserve greater, then you are void of knowing just how #VALUABLEandVALIDATED you already are. You do not need to go chasing after ANY person, place nor thing to feel accepted or validated. If "they" do not ACCEPT (because they already know) your worth, great, because you will then know that the ISSUE is with THEM and not you. Also, STOP! They are NOT your charity case, so DON'T go and feel sorry for them. YOU CANNOT SAVE THEM! If you have gone through and come out of the challenges in your life, then won't they? Why are you fearing their losses when they are NOT even fearing, nor concerned or their own? Or are YOU just a "control freak" and just want things your way? Playing by your rules, all by yourself... And how is that going for you? Look, get yourself together, change you from within and your situations and circumstances with change outwardly.
"Do You Boo"!

Now onward to a lighter note!  On Wednesday, May 13, 2015, I had the honor of attending the Premiere of WE tv's "Cutting It In The ATL"! Now I don't know how other celebrities are whom I haven't met, yet; however, the cast of "Cutting It In The ATL" along with WEtv's Executive Producers Mark Powell & David Stefanou in New York. I took several "candid" photos, because I like the "catch in the moment" type shots; however, I did manage to take several "posed" pictures as well. Here's a few; however, for more go here: 
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I really believe that WEtv has another hit on their hands!  As the cast members are concerned, well of course, you will have your favorite; however, they all are beautiful inside as well as out. Ok.. but if I had to choose an order of favorite, they would go like this:

Mushiya Tshikuka & Her Mom

Now, why I have decided to go #TeamMushiya is because of her spirit - Sexy, Spunky, & Straight to the Point. She pulls no punches and she holds no bars. She tells it like it is and even though she keeps it tight, she's right. She tells it with such style and class, that it's not given with attitude - just TRUTH. Unfortunately, some people just can't handle the truth. Mushiya's mother exudes the spirit of humbleness. So beautiful and kind. I know that she is too young to be my Mom; however, her spirit is so strong that to me she is the very epitome of Wisdom. These two amazing, wonderful, and beautiful ladies, I take as my friends, because of their spirit within, we are connected!
WEtv has taken their concentration of the traditional format of "Reality TV" with these ladies to concentrate on their businesses, moreso than their personal lives. Now don't get it twisted, we will get a "peek" into their emotional selves; however, with Mushiya's professionalism, style, class and wit, you will want to join #TeamMushiya because she is definitely a "cut up" and will keep you in stitches! She had me literally almost on the floor with her antics! 
So, if you just can't wait until the premiere of "Cutting It In the ATL", Thursday, May 21st @ 10pm, and if you want to do something natural with your hair, go to The Damn Salon & tell them I sent you! LOL 
Next, I choose & I mean she comes in as a VERY close second, if not tied for first is: 

Maja Sly gives praise and thanks!

The Mogul of Hair Salon franchises! Brains, Beauty, and Brilliance, no wonder she made 1.5 Million WITHOUT even touching anyone's head (she didn't sew in one weave)! Hey business savvy is so meticulous that she has not only found a way to "make it work" but have capitalize and have expounded on and adopted a way to cause increase and abundance, and I don't see her slowing down any time soon... A Team Leader, Builder & Innovator of the hair salon business - Maja is a darn Genius! Why I AM #TeamMaja also is because she has not only created a successful BRAND, she has the heart to seek out others as herself to encourage and inspire ideas and ways that they, too are able to mimic. 
I was not able to get as many pictures of Maja as I had hoped; however, you can go to:
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Make sure that you tune in to WEtv, Thursday, May 21st for the premiere of "Cutting It In The ATL" for more Maja; however, if you just can't wait to get your "weave" did, stop in to one of her many locations! Home of the $50 Sew In Weave ~ Walk-In Weaves  & Pretty Hair 

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Well, must run some errands... Remember, this is "Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle" THE BLOGSPOT & although you are able to "read" this "straight through", I must stop to handle some business at The Sistas House ~ where Ms. Genasha Cotton-Sharpe has everything "in the house"! Until I return...

Friday, May 15, 2015
1:22 pm EST (to be continued)

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