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Sunday, May 17, 2015

#TheBlackFamily & The Haunting of the Black Man!

May 17, 2015, Sunday
4:53 pm EST

Greetings to ALL,

Well, I am working on book number 3 in the "Basic Life with Rhonda Gayle" Book Series and I would love to have your feedback.. also, this will give you, my readers and my fans the chance to incorporate your input in the book before I finish it! Yes, I believe that as a "Scripture Translator" I will be able to not only "hack" the scriptures to find the answer you may be seeking; however, will also be able to translate the scripture into terminology that will allow you to have a better understanding that will evoke a deeper meaning to your soul.

The title of this book is:
"Ain't Nothing Wrong with Being a D-O-G: MAN: The Reflection of G-O-D", which has come about, because I AM so tired of men, especially the Black man getting the "short end of the stick" because a lot of them are not being look at through the "eyes of understanding" by their female counterparts. They are not being seen nor regarded in the same manner that GOD/LOVE the Father looks at them. How the delusional "thought of loss" has equipped, empowered and fueled the emotions of the Black woman to "treat" them as "dogs", and in some cases, dogs are treated better.

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Yes, there is an "injustice" of prejudices directed toward the Black male, especially the young ones,  with all of the cop killings, stereotyping, racial profiling, etc., because they are the ones who the future will be built upon, they are the ones whose minds can be empowered, equipped and trained to rebuild a system of justice, equality and a "true" American way; however, somehow, "fuel" has been thrown on the "flames" of this "injustice" by the Black woman, because of past hurts, pains and disappointments. A lot of Black women feel and have passed along to their daughters, relatives, co-workers, and other women this "thought" of "loss" when concerning the Black man; thus, sheltering their sons in a way that is more stagnating than growth producing and "bashing" their men into a point of oblivion. These type of women have "given up" to the emotional feelings that "if" they invest their time and attention to the Black man as he is supposed to be related to and esteemed as, then they will lose "their" integrity and will not be "respected" by their male counterparts as the QUEEN they are supposed to be.

Trust me... this book isn't in ANY way to "bash" the Black Man or Woman, but just the opposite. This book is to generate and empower enlightenment that will help knit back together strained relationships between them to rebuild the black community better, bigger and stronger bonded than it has ever been before. To afford them the opportunity to work together as a united race of people inside and outside of their communities for a stronger family, neighborhood, community, state, nation, country and world. We can have LIFE, and we can have that life MORE ABUNDANTLY!
Well, I will have to end there as to not give away the book's "goodies"...

Click on the Link to PREVIEW the BOOK and please ANSWER the QUESTIONS to RATE the book and then SHARE!


Remember, feedback is needed to provide the answers that are being sought, as well as, being able to feature your questions in the book as well.

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May 17, 2015, Sunday