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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Greetings to All ... Hope all of my readers have a VERY PROFITABLE, LUCRATIVE & PRODUCTIVE day... Today's topic is Wonder Woman... I was looking at the website on the history of Wonder Woman's Costumes, because, when I was a teenager, I used to purchase Wonder Woman comic books & I remember in a couple of them that Diana Prince used her MAGIC LASSO to twirl around her from head to toe to change into Wonder Woman in which she was wearing a GREEN JUMPSUIT with GOLD trim ... 

Does ANYONE out there HAVE this comic book edition, or KNOW what I am talking about? 
I have been searching for YEARS!

Please COMMENT if your remember these editions or have access to a picture of her changing with her lasso into a green jumpsuit...

I would be VERY happy to know that I didn't "dream" this up & I did remember this during the time around 1977ish or around that time, so PLEASE comment with any information - @Brian Cronin and anyone else who has knowledge of these comic book editions.


I no longer buy or read comic books; however, I will always be a Wonder Woman & Linda Carter fan. I would love to see Wonder Woman back on the small screen. Maybe, the CW can add her to their list of Superheros like Arrow & The Flash.

Thank you for taking the time to READ my BLOGS ... until later...


You can check out the same article I did @ Comic Book Resources 


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