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Monday, October 27, 2014

Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys with Guest Blogger JAG Sports Analyst Jerome Garner

Ok, it's ON ... TONIGHT ... Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys ... who will be the VICTOR?! .


Welcome back Guest Blogger +Jerome Garner  - CEO & Owner of JAG Sports (J.ust A.thletic G.reats Sports)  ... Garner is an Analyst, Agent & Consultant for the Company. Last time Garner predicted the Giants vs. Cowboys game and was on point. His predictions are below:

1.) Cowboys will go no further than their DEFENSE allows
2.) Jerome Garner is a "diehard" REDSKINS fan; however,
3.) He is predicting that the Cowboys will be the victors...
4.) Very close Division Game

"They know each other's tendicies and with knowing each other so well, ... It's good for Colt McCoy to go back home to Texas to show off his skills; however, he just doesn't have 'enough' to get the 'Skins to the win", says Garner.

"Better days ahead for the Skins when Robert Griffin III returns", Garner continues, "I like this coach Jay Gruden, because he is taking his time with RG3 to let him heal. Jay Gruden is a good coach, he knows what RG3 can do. Let him heal and that's what Gruden is doing."

I, also agree, that even though this is a "money maker", his body has to be in "tip-top" so that he (RG3) can PLAY to the BEST of his ability with an injury. As far as my prediction... although I am NOT a "diehard" Redskins fan, I do predict that even though the Cowboys have "home field" advantage, I do believe that the 'Skins will pull off a win due to a Cowboys error.

We welcome Guest Blogger Jerome Garner and we look forward to your comments below!