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Sunday, October 26, 2014

EAT Clean and LIVE with Future Featured Guest - Owner and CEO of Ophelia's Natural Goodness ... RAW FOOD CHALLENGE!

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Future Featured Guest 

Mrs. Lea Miller Anderson!
Owner and CEO of 

Ophelia's Natural Goodness

Lifestyle Services
"Learn to EAT Clean & LIVE!"
Beginning October 28, 2014
College Park, GA ~ Main Street ~ Downtown
6:00 am - 10:00 am EST
Give your body 7 days and it will give you years!
Raw Food Challenge Weigh Out Returns!
November 5, 2014
6:00 am - 10:30 am EST 
"The RESULTS are in!"
Let's see how you did & how you feel after the 7 days are up!

*General Participation is free. There are also options at a cost that include life changing info and services
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 ACHIEVING them is another... Learn how to SET & ACHIEVE your GOALS faster with MAXIMUM results!
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Losing Weight and MAINTAINING your goal can not only be "taxing", but very "frustrating" as well... ask me how I know, especially when you are doing so well! Well, now don't go "beating" yourself up because you lost the "battle"; however, as long as there is a GOAL to ACHIEVE, and you are still BREATHING, get back up, dust yourself off, and let's do it again!
It's all starts with and in your mind. Encourage yourself by achieving "small victories". Do half, or even a third, or a quarter of the workout to start. Grab fruit, or a healthy snack to incorporate into your daily eating routine to eat more "smaller" meals. Or change the way you "serve" yourself... Trying "serving" yourself in "courses" as in the higher class establishments. Let's do this:
  • 1.) Serve yourself a salad or soup - sit down at the table - enjoy.
  • 2.) Get up - then Serve yourself a serving of vegetables - sit back down at the table - enjoy.
  • 3.) Get back up - then serve yourself the next portion of your meal - sit back at the table - enjoy.
  • 4.) Then after you have completed your courses, Have a nice cup of hot tea or coffee to complete your meal in which you may enjoy outside (dress appropriately) or as you relax in your favorite chair.
This small change on "how" you "serve" yourself will change not only "how much" you eat, but will give you a workout in the process!
We'll Cook the Food, You'll Lose the Weight!
Someone once told me that if you ever observed how children actually eat, is the reason they have so much energy. It seems as "we" the adults did it "backwards". Instead of "making" "them" sit down and "eat everything" all at once, we should have taking our "clues" from them!
I, too am being encouraged by these words, because after having 6 children ( 2 of which were over 10 lbs) and I am now 50 years old, I have do push myself a little more, and a little harder to "do right" to "myself"... So, let's get there together! 
Health, Wealth, Wisdom be unto you!