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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What is The AdnohR Connection?

Well, The AdnohR Connection is my PASSION, it's me ... well, actually it's Rhonda spelled backwards... it's my plight to help and assist others who want to hone in on that very thing that burns inside that you REALLY WANT to do; however, are either too afraid or don't have "enough" money, or don't "feel" you have enough time to do, but find yourself doing anyway... That "thing" that you would DO for FREE, just because you "love" doing it... you just can't help it... well, THAT'S the thing that LOVE placed inside of you that is supposed to "get you paid" in LIFE... that thing that is so comforting that it really "kills" you NOT to be doing it... 

You see, a little bit about me... I AM an only child, who has ALWAYS wanted to SHARE with and HELP others; however, over the course of my life, "others" took this as a weakness and took advantage of not only what I was "attempting" to help them with, but took advantage of me, myself... All is forgiven, and I still make every effort and attempt to show LOVE, LIFE and TRUTH to those who will listen.

In short, The AdnohR Connection is a conglomeration of resources - people, places & things - that you need and desire; however, are too busy, it's too far, or it's not simplified enough for you to "go it" on you own. And that's were we come in... a previous motto of mine was, "Let us be your feet & do the footwork for you" ... Not, too catchy, well, at least I tried... lol... Now through a variety of AFFILIATE PROGRAMS, EXPERIENCES, CONTACTS & or course, the Internet, we are able to go beyond the "natural" and the "norm" to give you ULTIMATE CONNECTIONS that are "Out of this World"!

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