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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Out of the MATRIX and a Moment of Truth

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 1:07pm EST

Greetings to all... the LORD LIFE must be getting ready to SHIFT some things in my life, because for over a week now, I have been "feeling some type of way" in my relationship with others, especially my marriage. I know a lot of us don't want to "admit" that we "actually" marry "ourselves" (that's why you should NEVER marry someone or "hook up" with someone in a BROKEN state, because what you "get with" is a BROKEN or UNHEALED/UNWHOLE version of "self" manifested). I am really being shown this in my husband. I kept wondering "why is he like this or that", because clearly, he doesn't "want" to be the way he is; however, earlier this morning, FATHER LOVE showed me that he is me.  If I look at him TRUTHFULLY, I see the insecurities, the non-assurance, the disappointments, the judgmental, condescending, spoiled, etc., me that I thought I got RID of; however, "she" raises her ugly head to "surface" in my dear husband. 

In order to "rectify" this, I must FIRST work on myself and STOP looking at him. If we last, we last... if not, I DO KNOW NOW that to "bend (him) the spoon, that is impossible and that I must REALIZE the TRUTH, that there is NO SPOON (him) - there is ONLY SELF (me) and when I bend, everything and everyone around me 'change/bends' as well." - Matrix 1999 - Sophia Stewart

Well, I see that when I have these moments and the opportunity to "share" my heart, I am working on self and the ability to "bend" and "transform" the "shape/condition" that I am currently in. Well thank you all for this moment, my moment of truth!

On a lighter note... 

Speaking of Ms. Sophia Stewart

make sure you all get her latest MATRIX edition !

I dedicated the above facebook page to Ms. Sophia Stewart because I love her work because of the SPIRITUAL TRUTH behind it! 
Thank you Ms. Sophia Stewart!
I Love you!


Well, until later...

2:02 pm EST